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"JACK REACHER" (2012) Review


"JACK REACHER" (2012) Review

British author Lee Childs (aka Jim Grant) wrote a series of novels featuring a former U.S. Army Military police officer turned drifter, who is occassionally hired to investigate difficult cases. One of those turned out to be the 2005 novel, "One Shot", which was recently adapted as a motion picture that stars Tom Cruise. Read more...Collapse )

1.03 four horsemen - a

"JERICHO" RETROSPECT: (1.03) "Four Horsemen"

The last episode of "JERICHO", (1.02) "Fallout" ended with Jake Green and the citizens of Jericho, Kansas seeking shelter from a rain storm that might possibly be radioactive. This next episode, (1.03) "Four Horsemen", picks up several minutes later. Read more...Collapse )

"ARGO" (2012) Photo Gallery

Below are images from "ARGO", the new political thriller about the 1979-81 Iran Hostage Crisis, starring Ben Affleck. Also directed by him, the movie co-stars Bryan Cranston, John Goodman and Alan Arkin: Read more...Collapse )

"SKYFALL" (2012) Review

"SKYFALL" (2012) Review

Before I had sat down in a movie theater to watch the latest James Bond movie, "SKYFALL", it occurred to me that four years had passed since the last movie about the MI-6 agent. During those four years, EON Productions endured another round of legal entanglements regarding the Bond franchise, delaying the production and release of "SKYFALL" by at least two years. But in the end, producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson came through and released the company's 23rd James Bond film. Read more...Collapse )

TIME MACHINE: The War of 1812



Two years ago marked the bicentennial of the beginning of a conflict in American history known as the War of 1812. The war began on June 18, 1812; when President James Madison and the U.S. Congress declared war against Great Britain and the British Empire. Read more...Collapse )


Below are images from "CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER", the 2014 sequel to the 2011 movie, "CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER" and 2012's "THE AVENGERS". Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, the movie stars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers aka Captain America: Read more...Collapse )

"TOTAL RECALL" (2012) Review

"TOTAL RECALL" (2012) Review

Twenty-four years ago, moviegoers rushed to see a movie called "TOTAL RECALL", an adaptation of Philip K. Dick's 1966 novella called "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale". Directed by Paul Verhoeven, the 1990 movie starred Arnold Schwartzenegger and was a big hit.Read more...Collapse )


"NORTH AND SOUTH: BOOK II" (1986) - EPISODE THREE "September 1862 - August 1863"

I have mixed feelings about Episode Three of "NORTH AND SOUTH: BOOK II". Fortunately, most of my feelings are positive. This episode featured the Battle of Antietam, the Battle of Gettysburg, and a major schism in the Main family, regarding Madeline Main and her two sisters-in-law - Brett Hazard and Ashton Huntoon. But there was still certain aspects of this episode that I did not find particularly appealing. Read more...Collapse )


Below are images from the 1969 comedy, "THOSE DARING YOUNG MEN IN THEIR JAUNTY JALOPIES". Directed by Ken Annakin, the movie starred Tony Curtis, Susan Hamphshire and Terry-Thomas: Read more...Collapse )

"THE BIG COUNTRY" (1958) Review


"THE BIG COUNTRY" (1958) Review

William Wyler and Gregory Peck first worked together in the 1953 comedy classic, "ROMAN HOLIDAY". The director and the actor became close friends and spent a few years trying to find the right property for which they could co-produce and work on together. Peck finally came across a magazine story, which eventually transformed to the movie screen as 1958's "THE BIG COUNTRY". Read more...Collapse )

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