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"LOST": Things That Make Me Go . . . Hmmm?

The following is a list of questions I have regarding subplots that have been featured in past episodes of "LOST". If you have an answer to any of my questions, please feel free to reply:


1. Who gave the original order for Walt Lloyd to be kidnapped?

2. Why did the Others kidnap some of the surviving Tail Section passengers of Oceanic 815?

3. Why did Ben Linus and the Others scheme to keep Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, and James “Sawyer” Ford as prisoners on Hydra Island?

4. Why did Michael Dawson confess his murder of Ana-Lucia Cortez and accidental killing of Libby to his ten year-old son, Walt Lloyd, following their departure from the island?

5. Why did Tom Friendly claim that no one was able to leave the island, following the explosion of the Swan Station, despite the fact that he, Michael and Walt were able to do so?

6. Why did the prosecuting attorney blindly believe Jack’s false testimony that Kate gave birth to Aaron Littleton, during their three-month stay on the island?

7. Why did the prosecuting attorney fail to continue her prosecution of Kate for the charges of bank robbery, assaulting a Federal peace officer, after the murder charges were dropped?

8. Why were the Losties, the Freighter people and Juliet the only ones who time traveled on the island and not the Others or Danielle Rousseau?

9. Why did Ben kill John Locke in “The Death of Jeremy Bentham”?

10. What happened to Claire Littleton during her three-year stay on the island, following the departure of the Oceanic Six?

11. Who killed the surviving Ajira 316 passengers at their beach camp and why?
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